“With the eye of my soul I saw the light that never changes. It was above me because it was itself the light that made me. What I saw was quite, quite different from any light we know on earth.”

- St Augustine -

“With his one Word, in the cosmic reality of Creation with its vast expanse, the rivers of life burst forth.”

- Guru Nanak -



“If thine eye be single, your whole body shall be full of light.”

- Jesus Christ -

“The whole sky is filled with sound, and that music is played without fingers and without strings. The middle region of the sky, wherein the spirit dwells, is radiant with the music of Light.”

- St Kabir -

Initiation into Knowledge gives us access to the four facets of Divine Energy

The Holy Word, Divine Light, Celestial Music and Nectar.

Lord Krishna told his disciple Arjuna, “You cannot see My true form with these eyes. I will give you the Divine Eye of Knowledge.” Through the ‘third eye’, or ‘eye of Knowledge’ this Light can be seen.


. Manav Dharam Society UK

Manav Dharam is realizing one’s own innate potential and to evolving it to its ultimate levels. It means realising the common bond which encompasses the whole universe. It is universal, eternal, ever present and beyond matter and mind. Man is not merely a mechanism of body and mind but is Spirit in its truest sense. This is why it is said that we are one in spirit. In fact spirit is life and life is spirit. Manav Dharam therefore in simplest terms can be summed up in the phrase “Know thyself!”

Shri Satpal Ji Maharaj, the expounder of Manav Dharam, travels constantly to inspire and encourage others to experience this inner life force which is our true essence. He reveals the same techniques of spiritual insight to all, irrespective of nationality, caste or creed. Manav Dharam encompasses the teachings of all religions. It is the eternal wisdom flowing from the practical Knowledge of the Soul.

Shri Maharaj Ji is the founder of the organization ‘Manav Utthan Sewa Samiti’ (parent organisation of Manav Dharam Society UK), which aspires to manifest ‘Knowledge in Action’. It operates a wide range of charitable and social services through its network of more than 3000 ashrams and centers.


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